Bioflavonoids – Phytochemical

17th June 2018PureNakedVegan

Bioflavonoids are a group of potent antioxidant what are called ”polyphenolic,” or plant-derived, compounds

Bioflavonoids potent antioxidant that escorts toxic metals out of the body.

A synergistic effect on Vitamin C stabilising it in human tissue


Vitamin C & bioflavonoids work together

Once known as “Vitamin P” and semi-essential nutrient

rind of green citrus fruits and in rose hips and black currants

Cucumber –


Rutin – A bioflavonoid plant pigment found in certain vegetables and fruits. Apples are full of rutin. Buckwheat, most citrus, figs, and both black and green tea also contain rutin. Rutin has powerful antioxidant properties.

hesperidin – plant chemical that is classified as a “bioflavonoid.” It is found primarily in citrus fruits.

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