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each kind of flour has a different nutrition profile and cooking or baking qualities.

Refined white flour has very few natural vitamins and minerals and can have added preservatives and high fructose corn syrup

Wheat Flours

Bread flour / Strong Flour – Refined from hard wheat and a small quantity of barley flour. Very high gluten content used for making bread.

Gluten flour / Vital Wheat Gluten –  Very High Gluten content as most starch has been removed


Non-Wheat Flours / Gluten Free / Low Gluten Flour

Buckwheat flour – Made by grinding buckwheat groats, which are seeds, not grains, making it both gluten-free and grain-free

Rye flour  – darker, and denser than most other types of flour contains less gluten

Chickpea  / Gram  / Garbanzo Flour – bean-based high in protein gluten free flour



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