11 non essential amino acids

2nd October 2018PureNakedVegan

Nonessential amino acids mean that our bodies produce it ourselves but they still needed as they play an essential role,

Unlike essential amino acids, a healthy body can create these if given enough protein sources from our diet.

alanine  (Ala)

asparagine  (Asn)

aspartate – aspartic acid  (Asp)

glutamine – glutamic acid (Gln)

glycine  (Gly)

proline  (Pro)

serine  (Ser)

ornithine –  L-ornithine

Amino acids synthesised from essential amino acids

tyrosine  (Tyr)

cysteine  (Cys)

arginine (Arg) – essential for young children – improve blood flow

Growth hormone responses to varying doses of oral arginine.

Growth hormone, arginine, and exercise.

Effects of L-arginine supplementation on exercise metabolism.

L-arginine does not improve biochemical and hormonal response in trained runners after 4 weeks of supplementation.

Hormonal response to L-arginine supplementation in physically active individuals.

Of these, eight are conditional amino acids.


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