Vegan Plantbased food good for you, animals and the environment.

I am a little different to other people I did not set out to be a vegan. My journey started with health issues and the need to remove dairy from my diet which was about 2009 before becoming totally vegan in 2014. The final decisions happened out of the blue. We bought a nutribullet to have a juicing detox after watching Fat, sick and nearly dead and after 2 weeks we felt amazing and realised what plantbased was doing for us.

We had removed eggs from our diet years before after watching Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall program on chicken and eggs but have to say we have a major reaction to them so was a very easy process to totally remove.

Might sound silly but I never thought about the cruelty of the dairy industry until I started to investigate. Why I had never thought about the process really shocked me as isn’t it obvious that to produce milk we need to have a baby over and over again!  This lead to more research and watching a number of documentaries and cowspiracy which is a huge eye opener and the impact on the environment of cattle and milk farming. My husband and children watched this information at the same time and when I said should we make changes it was a resounding “Yes” but how do you go around to changing to a plantbased diet and to removing all animal products from my diet and life. My honest opinion slowly as we all have mishaps but dont feel a failure if things go wrong or you didn’t realise something has an animal product in it. It takes time and many companies change recipes often so change without you knowing.

We all have different reasons to change to a plantbased diet and I really want it to make it easier for everyone to make the change. My main aim was not to replace my food with processed products from the supermarket but good nutritious vegetables.

Good luck on your move into a plantbased diet xx