Vegan Pancakes

24th March 2018PureNakedVegan

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  • 150 grams Flour
  • 360 millilitre Plant Based Milk
  • 60 millilitre Aquafaba Chickpea Water
  • 2 tablespoons Cocoa Powder Optional, optional
  • knob Vegan Margarine


  • 1)

    Sift flour and cacao powder if making them chocolate pancakes into a large bowl.

  • 2)

    Make a well in the centre and gradually start adding in milk slowly to keep lumps at bay

  • 3)

    In a separate bowl, whisk aquafaba until frothy and add it into the pancake mix.

  • 4)

    Heat up a small frying pan on a medium / high heat with a tiny bit of margarine to make sure that the pancakes do not stick.

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